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Centrally Located

Protech Minerals is located in Victorville, CA, strategically situated in the High Desert of California where the Earth is rich in minerals. Our office is located only a couple hours away from the dig site to actively manage deliveries, shipments, and the milling process from start to end. We have comprehensive milling operations and machinery, including a full truck loading and weighing facility with close access to rail freight.

Deep Resources

In addition to Protech Mineral’s full service milling facility, Protech Mineral’s mine, which was grandfathered for generations, encompasses over 900 acres of untouched clay. Protech Minerals remains one of the most unique mines to house all zeolite, montmorillonite, bentonite, and kaolin clay.

Supplying International Partners

Protech Minerals serves customers in all different industries and scopes. From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Protech Minerals distributes its materials worldwide for businesses and entities of varying magnitude.

Over hundreds of acres of Bentonite,
Montmorillonite and Zeolite

Protech Mineral Applications

Protech Minerals has a magnitude of applications with over a hundred industries using Bentonite, Zeolite, and Montmorillonite. Our industries are heavily agricultural, industrial, and cosma-pharmaceutical, although not limited to these. Our clays are some of the most versatile and pure on the market. We supply to commercial, industrial, and personal consumer sectors in different industries.

Protech Products

Protech products lead the way in organic solutions and natural alternatives for products on the market. Our clay is the leading ingredient in different agricultural and industrial solutions, ranging from animal feed fillers, organic farming, soil amendments to oil absorbent, pond liner, and odor elimination.

Consumer Use

Protech’s products are useful for the individual consumer as well as large businesses. There are many at-home uses for our minerals, including facial masks, body wraps, composting, fertilizer additive, odor removal, and water clarification. The home gardener reaps equal benefit as the organic farmer. Our products are all natural and can be safely used around your home, garden, kitchen, animals, and so forth without fear of harmful effects to your family and environment. Protech’s products are the natural alternative.


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