Protech Minerals is dedicated to providing quality materials for our customers and community. Previously owned by Pfizer, our focus has always remained the same – an unwavering commitment to providing superior, rare earth minerals as a natural alternative to existing ways. We only source the purest clays and naturally process them, never using chemical or artificial practices during manufacturing. We also strive to have the highest in technology to achieve our success.

Our clays have been independently researched in private laboratories and university tested. Results prove our superior quality and we are proud to be the supplier for many leaders in the agriculture, pharma-cosmetic, and construction industry. Our mining rights have been grandfathered down for decades until today.

We are the proud owner and operators of one of the few mining site in the world that contains multiple types of bentonite, located in the majestic Mojave Desert. Our clays are one of the few alkaline clays in the world to have direct antimicrobial properties, spanning a history of use over hundreds of years, used by Native Americans (Shoshone and Pauite southwest tribes) both internally and externally.

Our sun dried clays are one of the most treasured therapeutic grade clays in the world. It is a magnesium-rich, volcanic-origin smectite clay, harvested from the ground, milled, and mined outside of Death Valley National Park, in the Mojave Desert, California. It is not chemically processed or heat treated in any way, with a pH of between 9.5 and 10.0.